Lucy and Anthony at Clonabreany House

For anyone who is thinking of involving their own children in their special day, Lucy and Anthony’s wedding provides lots of inspiration of ways to increase children’s active participation in such an important day for the family. Lucy and Anthony’s son Luca walked up the aisle with Mum and Dad, helped them out in key moments during the ceremony, and was a central part of the post-ceremony photos. So cute!

Married in Clonabreany House in 2017, Lucy and Anthony’s wedding demonstrates the power of colour in creating an atmosphere. The use of a really strong, gorgeous red as their central colour creates a visual coherency throughout their wedding day. The darker shade of red chosen by the couple is a great shade to incorporate into autumn and winter weddings. They worked it into the bride’s stunning headpiece, the bride and bridesmaid’s elaborate bouquets, the hair piece of the flower-girl, and the dapper ties worn by the groomsmen. Even adorable Luca got in on the action, getting a little red dickie bow of all his own!

It’s always lovely to see the personalities of couples shine through on their wedding day. I laughed out loud when I spotted a card on full display which read ‘Marriage: An Endless Sleepover With Your Favourite Weirdo’. The couple also broke with tradition by meeting each other before the ceremony; have a look at the gorgeous pics here of Anthony and Luca arriving to see Lucy in her wedding dress for the first time on the morning of the wedding.  Lucy, Anthony, and Luca’s eagerness to do things their way on their big day, meant that I really felt like I’d gotten to know this great family. Their personal touch and fun sense of humour infiltrated the day.


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