Michelle & Kevin at Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet, Co. Kilkenny; a venue with a timeless, classic, and discerning reputation. Off I went to one of Ireland’s most famous hotels at the height of summer. Everything and everyone was professional to a tee. It’s worth the hype.

Michelle, Kevin and their wedding day were much like the venue itself; classy, understated, and elegant. Michelle’s gorgeous off the shoulder wedding gown was complemented by a stunning flower arrangement in her bouquet. The pops of pink amongst the cream and green of the bouquet really makes all the images of her that day just jump off the screen. Brides to be: do not be afraid to include bright colours in your plans!

The best images of Michelle that day though weren’t formal shots, nor ones which might show off the beauty of her style that day. The best images I think, included here in the couple’s ‘best of’ selection, are of her and her father before the ceremony. It’s an honest moment of pure emotion. These authentic images of family are I hope, some of the most treasured of all the images I create on days like these.


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