Roch & Scott at Smock Alley

Roch and Scott chose the most spectacular venue for their wedding ceremony in September 2018. Smock Alley Theatre in the centre of Dublin is a beautifully unique venue, with incredible light. As you can see from my selection of photos here, their dog Harris is an integral part of their family. How lovely for them to be able to have him their with them on their big day. Doesn’t it look like he is smiling up at them in delight as they exchange rings?!!

As you can see from the photos, the couple incorporated their dual heritage into their ceremony. A historical Dublin venue was counterbalanced by Scott’s traditional Scottish garb, and they hung both the Irish and the Scottish flags behind them for their ceremony on either side of the glorious Pride flag, its rainbow colours unifying the display.

After the ceremony they strolled about town, dog in tow, as I followed along snapping photos as I went. City centre weddings such as this always provide plenty of moments for casual photography. The couple inevitably merges into the crowds who make their way along what is to them, an ordinary day. For couples like Roch and Scott, they get to blend in with the city crowds, whilst also dressed in their best outfits on their most important day! I love the juxtaposition of the mundane elements of city life, with the unique moment that this is for the couple at the heart of the story.



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