Meghan & Ben at Trudder Lodge

One of my favourite things about wedding photography is getting to shoot at a venue that I’ve never worked at before. I had of course heard of the gorgeous Trudder Lodge in Co. Wicklow. It is well-known as a great spot for a wedding. However, until Meghan and Ben’s wedding I had neither attended, nor worked, a wedding there. I can tell you it was worth the wait, a lovely place.

I’m a big fan of plants, gardening, nature, and anything green so you can guess how much I loved the location of what I believe to be the standout photo from Meghan and Ben’s day. I’ve included it here in their selection of images. The image of them standing so casually, Meghan’s bouquet dangling in relaxation by her side creates such a calm feeling, coupled with the absolutely incredible backdrop. To me, this image looks like it might have been taken in some exotic far-flung forest. Well. Co. Wicklow may not be exotic but we sure made it feel that way on this day!



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