Cathy & Seamus at The Millhouse

Cathy and Seamus decided to marry in 2019 after many years together. They chose to hold their wedding reception in the beautiful Millhouse in Slane, Co. Meath. Taking their time before marrying allowed them to choose wisely with regards to the key decisions that go into creating a great wedding celebration; the venue, the music, and the photographer (of course!!).

The Millhouse is a venue that perfectly combines elegant Georgian chic with contemporary style. That’s an aesthetic that perfectly suited the bridal party. They were decked out in classic neutral shades for the bridesmaids, and navy and grey for the groomsmen. The bride’s dress was also simple yet spectacular – a great example of how brides need not steer far from classic design to create a style that looks elegant and striking.

Cathy and Seamus have a large extended family, and so a number of younger family members played a central role in the proceedings. Look out for the very cute shot I captured of one young member of the bridal party as she bravely participated in the wedding ceremony in front of the whole congregation!

For our one-on-one photos, myself and the happy couple explored the grounds of the Millhouse, being delighted to find the setting sun to be an incredible backdrop as we hung out by the River Boyne. Make sure to check out the adorable photo of Cathy and Seamus in front of the river. As she rests her head on his shoulder you get a lovely glimpse of the easy intimacy between this long standing couple.


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